Decorative architectural glass projects  


Neringa Vasiliauskaite
Born Lithuania 1984


2011-to-now   Studies in Glass class (Prof. Norbert Prangenberg) in Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany 

2009   Art teacher diplom, Vilnius academy of arts                   
2008   Vilnius Art academy, Stained glass (MA)
2006   Vilnius Art academy, Stained glass (BA)
2004 – 2005  Erasmus programme scholarship for studies in Ceramic and glass department,
Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany


2009  Lithuania's Artists association, monumental art section.

Selected group & solo exhibitions

2011   International glass exhibition 'Voice of glass' in Riga Academy of arts hall, Latvia
2010   Project/exhibition 'glass art in virtual/public spaces'.
          Edmundas Unguraitis gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
          M. Zilinskas art gallery, Kaunas, Lithunia
Cultural cummunication and exhibition center in Klaipeda, Lithuania
2010   Glass exhibition of LAA artists of monumetal art section in Uzutrakis, Trakai, Lithuania
2009   Exhibition of stained glass dedicated for thousand years to Lithuania.
          Stained glass manufacture, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009   ‘The street of literati’, wall in Literati street, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009   Exhibition of architectural glass in summer reading library, Palanga, Lithuania
2009   ‘Glass age’ gallery Dalia, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009   'Chamber stained glass’ City Municipality, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008   'Chamberf stained glass’ gallery Arka, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008   Personal exhibition of architectural glass in summer reading library, Palanga, Lithuania
2007   ‘Synthesis’, Vilnius Art Academy glass exhibition, Dresden, Germany
2006   'Stained Glass exhibition’ museum of Vincas Grybas, Jurbarkas, Lithuania
2006   Stained Glass exhibition in Vilnius St. Juozapas Theological Seminary, Vilnius, Lithuania
2004   exhibition dedicated to Stasys Usinskas, the Gallery of Vilnius Art academy, Vilnius, Lithuania
2004   exhibition of monumental art and scenography, Pasvalys, Lithuania

Realised projects

2011   stained glass for a private interior in Moskow, Russia 
2010   glass installation 'Intuitive forms'.
2010   glass installation 'Sky objects'.
2009   stained glass 'Letters of the sky' for a private interior, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009   glass work 'Peru nazca' for a private interior in Vilnius, Lithuania
2008   stained glass windows in Evangelical Lutheran church in Kretingale, Lithuania
2008   glass screen in Notary house of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008   stained glass ‘Drowsy city’ for the private interior in Mazoji Riese, Vilnius
2007   stained glass in Lithuania's notary office, Vilnius, Lithuania
2006   stained glass in library of Jonas Avyzius, Joniskis, Lithuania
2004   stained glass in St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Krincinas, Pasvalys region, Lithuania

Selected symposiums

2007   stained glass ‘Science and art’, International Stained Glass symposium 1+1, Panevezys,
2005   stained Glass ‘Crucifiction of Christ’ detail, International Stained Glass symposium 1+1,
          Andrioniskis, Lithuania 

Teaching and lectures

2011   Workshop ‘Ornament and crime’ organized by Vilnius Design college. ‘Design week’, Lithuania
5. 2011   Artist’s talk in Glass department of Anadolu university, Turkey.
2. 2010 - 7. 2011 -   Stained glass composition and monumental art history lecturer at Vilnius Art Academy, Monumental painting and scenography department.   

Academical activity

2009 reviewer of finishing BA  glass work of student Kristina Baliunaite
2008 theoretical work ‘Antanas Garbauskas - life, creation, education, restauration’

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