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'No title'



The main Idea of this work is narrow, rusty way of people think, stereotypes
and limitation.
All his life humans brain are active. The brain cells increases and shares up all
the time to his death. So we all have a possibility to increase our intellectual
potential all the time. However, it is very hard to do it.
Since our birth we are dressed and framed into stereotypes and these
constrains our Thinking. We see only what we want to see. We follow and guide
the information and processed experience by applying it in communication with

In my work I used materials that accurately reveals my chosen topic. I used
the old pipes that were found in a scrap-iron post and just ´accommodated´
people´s faces in their holes. This symbolizes our own prison in our minds.


Metal pipes, float glass, digital printing, (4x11x9, 10x10x11, 9x9x10, 9x11x7,5,
10x10,5x5, 9,5x11x3, 10x10x11,5), 2011.

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